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I’m sorry to say that I just am not good at keeping a blog! (obviously)  Blogging is a lot like keeping a journal or diary…those are things I’ve never been good at. I thought perhaps doing a blog would be different. Doesn’t appear to be the case.

I do have a website for not only my photography, but artwork as well, and that one I seem to keep up to date a bit better. I’m adding a blog section to it so I only have one website to take care.  There is also a store coming with cards, canvasses, metal prints, traditional fine prints and woodworking pieces that my husband crafts by hand.

If you care to follow me there, the website is:  I hope you will come visit my studio and follow me there for new photos, artwork and new products in the store.

This website will disappear February 2016 when the domain expires. Thank you for trying to follow me!  I appreciate all of you!!!

Keep smiling!


“I would rather sit on a pumpkin and have it all to myself, than be crowded on a velvet cushion.”
–  Henry David Thoreau

Fairy Creek Daisies

I yearn for flowers that bend with the wind and rain.

~Tso Ssu

Unlocking the Mind

This will probably make no sense to anyone who may pass by and stop to read. But then again, it may resonate with you. I’ll just write, you can read and then let me know if you think it’s a bunch of crap!

It’s been years since I’ve had to sit down and make myself write. College actually. I wanted to start a blog…I have no idea why. Maybe to share my little bit of creativity. Maybe to share my photography. I take pictures…number 1 love. I create using rubber stamps and paper. I create using fabrics…quilts and clothes. When I became a young mother at 20, I said that when my children were grown I wanted to be able to have a craft room and be able to spend the majority of my time there. It makes me happy. I’m content doing my creating.  Little did I know that at age 45, or thereabouts, I would no longer be able to work. So my craft room became my hideaway. My reason to keep on.

Travel is my other love. I grew up traveling. Father was in the Air Force. We moved every two to four years until I was a senior in high school. Do you know how hard it is to have to move away from all your teen friends to a school of 680 graduating seniors and not know a soul? I wanted to graduate in my Junior year…could have, too, only needed one extra English class. I let my father talk me out of it. “Oh, your senior year is the most fun” he said. Yeah right…should have gone with my plan instead.  But I digressed a bit there. I think that was a bit of a rant on my poor father.  He was a good man and had good intentions with that bit of advice. Just wasn’t the right advice for me.

My hubby likes to travel. It doesn’t take much to pack our bags and head down the road somewhere. Camera is always with me. He gets frustrated with me sometimes when I yell “STOP!” all the time so I can take a picture. But we get some beautiful pictures so he forgives me. I probably should quit yelling quite so much…don’t want him running off the road because I scared him! (grin)  He’s deaf so I have to yell.

After so many years of not having a schedule to have to work by, I’ve decided this year to get organized and manage my time better. Hasn’t worked so far. Hmmm…I’m trying though.  Signing up for this writing class is a way to help me organize my thoughts. I struggle with this blogging thing. What to write, what to share. Who the hell wants to read what I have to say?  I can teach paper crafting and rubber stamping by writing tutorials of projects I make, but I already do that on another blog a group of us have. I don’t feel knowledgeable enough yet to write anything about photography other than what I do…just not to teach something. And there are hundreds, if not thousands, of blogs already dedicated to teaching the finer art of photography.  I made the decision about a week ago to use this blog as more of my personal stuff…rantings, share photos, stories, and my travels.  It’s linked to my business site at Square Space where I will have a business oriented blog just for business stuff.  I think that way perhaps my customers/clients can get to know me better (if they choose to) and it’s keeping personal and business somewhat separated.

Seems, though, my problem is sitting down and finishing the business site and getting this blog up and active. Have good intentions, just not good follow through. Hope the writing class will help bring that around.

I’m also taking a class in creating fine art with Photoshop and a year-long class on learning to be still (inner peace) and create still life.  I hope to share my wanderings, my experiments, growth (hopefully there is growth with all this) and work here. This may help me be more active with this blog.  I just need to get some focus back in my life. I’ve wandered too far off track these past few years. Some had to do with health issues, but most was me. This needs to turn around…I need to find ME again.

I began reading David duChemin’s new book, “A Beautiful Anarchy” last night. I follow David duChemin and his photography more than any other photographer out there. I not only love  his work, but his outlook on life. When he writes, I resonate with what he’s saying. I really GET IT!  It was hard to put the book down and go to bed. There is so much in his writing…I’m sure I’m going to have to go back again and again to re-read it.

Hopefully with the classes and learning I’m doing I’m going to be able to get back on track. I’ll either get there or die trying!

Okay, that’s my 20 minutes of free writing. Guess it wasn’t as hard as I thought it was going to be. Please share your thoughts with me!

As a side note, if anyone is interested in David’s book, here’s the link to his website and specifically the book:  A Beautiful Anarchy

And here is a review that was posted:

A Beautiful Anarchy is more than a book. It’s a call to be truly alive! The powerful stories and principles shared will teach you how to create personal freedom, make your mark and live with passion. Read this book and do something brilliant with your life!”
~ Richie Norton, author of The Power of Starting Something Stupid